ChatGPT App Coming to Android Next Week: Pre-Register Today

ChatGPT, a popular chatbot, will be available on Android phones starting next week. However, you can register for it right now. This app was launched on iPhones two months ago, and now Android users can also use it on the go. The iPhone version was a huge hit, with half a million downloads in just the first week.

Imagine credit: Kilppa

Anyone can use ChatGPT on their phones via a web browser, but people seem to enjoy using it more as a dedicated app. The Android version of the app is going to be almost the same as the iPhone version, with most of the same features. You’ll be able to link your chat history and settings across different devices.

However, there will be some differences between the two versions due to the different operating systems on iPhones and Androids. For example, some features added to the iPhone app in June, like Siri and Shortcuts, won’t be in the Android app, but it’s expected there’ll be something similar for Android users.

OpenAI, the company behind the app, announced on Twitter that they’ll start rolling out the Android app next week, probably in the U.S. first. No plans for other countries were shared, but they will probably get the app after a few weeks or months. The iPhone version of the app was launched in a dozen more countries just a week after its initial release.

You can sign up to get a notification when the Android app is released by clicking “pre-register” on the Play Store.