Logitech Acquires Stream Deck Competitor Loupedeck

Logitech, the global provider of personal peripherals for computers and other digital platforms, has made significant strides in the streaming market with its recent acquisition of Loupedeck. As announced in a press release published on Tuesday, Logitech has acquired the Finnish company, known for its editing consoles favored by streamers and creative professionals. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Loupedeck has built a reputation in the industry for its physical control decks, akin to the Stream Deck. These advanced consoles were originally designed as Lightroom editors, a product of an Indiegogo-backed project which later evolved to cater to the more advanced needs of creative professionals. Loupedeck’s innovative devices, such as Loupedeck Live and Loupedeck Live S, have been competing directly with Elgato’s Stream Deck, with Razer even licensing Loupedeck’s hardware and software combination for its own Stream Controller.

This latest acquisition by Logitech is part of a strategic move to strengthen its foothold in the streaming market. In the past, the company has made several significant acquisitions such as Mevo – a camera hardware and software company specializing in livestreaming – in 2021, and Streamlabs – a streaming platform – back in 2019.

The alliance between Logitech and Loupedeck aims to offer “a more seamless experience for creators”, which could potentially lead to Loupedeck hardware featuring more specialized presets out of the box and better integration with Streamlabs.

Moreover, Logitech has shown interest in Loupedeck’s “strong and growing developer community”, hoping to utilize their complementary expertise for a more intimate hardware-software integration. Despite this acquisition, Loupedeck has reassured its customers and partners of its commitment to continue providing support and operating as usual for the foreseeable future.

Logitech G

Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G, stated, “Empowering streamers, creators, and gamers is a joint passion of Loupedeck and Logitech. Together we are focused on removing all barriers so they can create, edit and stream without limits.” He further emphasized that this acquisition would accelerate Logitech’s ambitions of making their products smarter and more contextually aware.

It remains uncertain how Logitech will manage Loupedeck’s branding going forward. Considering how Logitech previously incorporated Yeti and Astro under its primary Logitech G brand, it is conceivable that Loupedeck may follow a similar path. However, Logitech has yet to release an official statement concerning its branding plans for Loupedeck.

This move by Logitech further emphasizes the escalating competition amongst technology companies to secure leading positions in the gaming-related accessory market, promising exciting innovations and developments for streamers, gamers, and creative professionals.

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