Flowie, accounts receivables, payment options, early payment discounts

Flowie: Simplifying Money Movements Bet Companies

Meet Flowie, a French startup aiming to streamline money movements between companies. By centralizing accounts receivable and accounts payable, Flowie enables easy access to relevant information, ensuring smooth transactions and improved financial management.

Founders with Invoicing Expertise: Flowie

Flowie was founded by Yann Ravel-Sibillot, Rémi Legorrec, and Aurélie Hadida. The CEO, with extensive experience managing invoices at scale, previously served as the CTO of Big Mamma and contributed to the development of Sunday, a rapid restaurant checkout flow.

Central Repository for Transactional Data:

Flowie serves as a central repository for all transactional data. It seamlessly integrates with existing tools, including ERP systems, CRM software, and bank accounts, consolidating information and simplifying financial operations.

Integration with ERP Systems and CRM:

Flowie connects with ERP systems, housing essential contract details, order numbers, and receipt slips, providing a comprehensive overview of transactions. Additionally, by integrating with CRM software, users gain valuable insights into client and supplier relationships, enhancing decision-making.

Streamlined Payment Processes:

Flowie simplifies the payment process by facilitating transaction validation. Instead of internal discussions and potential conflicts, anyone within the company can verify and validate transactions on the platform. Flowie automatically retrieves invoice information, while team members can add contextual files, ensuring clarity and transparency.

Flowie, accounts receivables, payment options, early payment discounts

Flexible Payment Options:

Upon approval, Flowie offers flexibility in payment scheduling. Users can choose to pay immediately or schedule future payments. In the latter case, the platform notifies the supplier about the scheduled payment, eliminating the need for additional follow-ups.

Streamlining Accounts Receivables with Flowie: Easy Payment Options and Early Payment Discounts

Simplifying Accounts Receivables:

Flowie provides a comprehensive solution for managing accounts receivables. Companies can upload their invoices onto the platform, which are then transformed into e-invoices equipped with a convenient QR code. This enables clients to access the invoice and view various payment methods available.

Convenient Payment Options:

Clients using Flowie have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. Whether it’s through bank transfers, card payments, or direct debits, Flowie ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions. The platform offers multiple avenues for clients to complete their payments securely.

Early Payment Discounts:

Flowie also empowers businesses to offer early payment discounts to their clients. This feature incentivizes prompt payment, benefiting both the company and the client. By providing this option, Flowie helps improve cash flow and strengthens client relationships.

Progress and Future Outlook:

While still in the early stages, Flowie has garnered support from business angels, allowing the company to develop its product. With a team of 11 dedicated professionals, Flowie is continuously working to enhance its platform. Notably, the startup has already tracked hundreds of millions of euros in invoices, showcasing its potential impact on the industry.

Conclusion: With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems, Flowie revolutionizes the way companies handle invoices and manage money movements. By centralizing data and providing transparency throughout the process, Flowie aims to optimize financial operations and enhance efficiency in the business ecosystem.

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